Backend Developer

FT FT Capital Investments are looking for a (Blockchain) Backend Developer that possesses excellent analytical and innovation attributes. The desired candidate should be able to combine business scenarios with business models and develop independently. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and excited by the diverse range of opportunities and challenges.

  1. Back-end development of application/platform, providing interfaces for front-end PCs and APPs
  2. Platform information/content/status update and maintenance
  3. Development and maintenance of platform management backstage
  4. Platform future expansion of business segment
  5. The ability to understand commonly used data structures and be able to use them in actual project development, and have a certain understanding of concurrency and multithreading
Core Competencies
  1. 3-5 years of Java backend development experience - familiar with Spring features, Mybatis and distributed service system development
  2. Experience in Cryptocurrency and exchange platforms is ESSENTIAL
  3. Have solid Java programming skills
  4. Familiar with microservice functions and have development experience
  5. Proficiency in middleware and in the use of rocketmq, redis, etc
  6. Proficiency in development tools : idea, git, svn, maven, Jenkins, etc
  7. Familiar with MySQL, have actual SQL optimization experience
  8. Work well under pressure and highly organised
  9. Excellent attention to detail
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